I am a Set Dresser, Prop Maker and Scenic Artist with over 15 years experience in the industry, working on every thing from animation sets to large scale builds for TV and Film as well as designing for theatre.


Originally from Bristol UK, but now based in Portland Oregon, I have worked as a Set Dresser for the animation companies Aardman, Laika and Shadow Machine. I have also worked as a Prop Dresser in live action, on films such as; 'The Imitation Game'  and ‘Ex-Machina’. As well as being involved as stage crew for the amazing Arcadia show 'Metamorphosis'. For a full list of projects I have been involved in please see the credits page.

My background and training in theatre design has given me a practical approach to prop making that has proven invaluable as a set dresser, where quick solutions, builds and adaptations are often called for. These skills were honed during my years in animation where a beautiful finish had to be achieved while keeping pace with a demanding studio floor.

I am available for hire as a Set Dresser, Prop and Model Maker, Prop Master, Scenic Artist, and Drapes, as well as creating bespoke artworks for TV and Film dressing.


A list of my relevant skills;

  • Set dressing for animation and live action,  studio and location
  • Prop making using a wide range of materials
  • Sewing; drapes and soft prop fabrication
  • Painting; large scale scenic, mural work, small scale detail bespoke art work. 
  • Carpentry, comfortable with a large range of wood shop and power tools.
  • Using a vacuum form machine
  • Carving and shaping styrofoam, extruded polystyrene and polyurethane foam
  • Mold making, Silicone 1,2 and 3 part molds.
  • Experience working with fast cast resin
  • Metal work; cutting, soldering, shaping
  • Experience working with plaster, jesmonite, hydrocal, and paper mache
  • Experience with upholstery
  • Scale model making 
  • Puppet making for theatre; hand, rod and shadow.
  • Technical drawing (Hand Drafting)
  • Photoshop